Divorce Support/Support Enforcement
   Asset Division Visitation
   Alimony Protection from Abuse
   Custody Grandparent's Rights


Our lawyers understand that your family is precious to you.  We will work creatively with you to define and achieve your goals, and to support you through transitions in your family. 

We handle all aspects of family law proceedings, including divorce, alimony, child support, custody, and property division.  We are experienced in the complex economic issues and tax aspects of asset division and support.  The family lawyers at our firm have been widely recognized by the courts and their peers for their excellence in practice.

Our family law partner, Ms. Schoenfeld, holds a graduate degree in taxation and has been a judge pro tem in family court proceedings.  She has held leadership positions in the Family Law Section of the Delaware County Bar Association and is president-elect of the Association.  She will oversee all complex property issues in your case. 

We also handle Protection from Abuse matters, in both civil and criminal courts.

Attorneys Who Practice in this Area:

  Lyn B. Schoenfeld Partner
  Steven R. Koense Associate
  Katherine Burke Associate